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 Jim's Bio

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Jim's football picture.  Jim loved sports. He played Little League and football.

He could tell you what team someone played, as well as any stat that you

wanted to know.  He was eleven, his position was Tackle.



Jim prom picture.

Jim was born on February 17, 1977, weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 ounces.  He was 21 inches long.  It was a very happy time in our lives.  Although I was fairly young, I had this beautiful baby boy in my life.  Jim had no hair, (only peach fuzz) and a perfectly round head so I nicknamed him "Marble".  Jim kept that nickname to this day.  His PopPop still refers to him as "Marble when he talks about Jimmy.  I decided to return to work because of financial constraints, which was a really hard thing to do.  I was lucky enough to find a babysitter in the neighborhood who watched children in her home.  The kids called her Mrs. D.  Although it was really hard dragging a little one out every morning, Mrs. D. made life much easier.  Jim loved it there. It was like a second family to him, and her family loved Jimmy as well.

Jim loved all the usual boy things. He played baseball and football.  He loved to ride his bike.  He was a master at Nintendo. Jim really got into football.  He reached a point where you could ask him any statistic for any player or team and he would know the answer.  He loved fishing and playing with bugs.  Each year, we would spend one week during the summer up at Locust Lake village.  Jim couldn't wait until Summer vacation time.  He could be turning blue in the lake and you practically had to drag him out of the water.  He also loved exploring for bugs and critters.  He would carry around coffee cans with lizards and bugs.  He even got his little sister, Dawn, involved in the lizard hunting.

During his high school days, Jim worked at nights at various pizza places and restaurants.  He loved to cook, and he was good at it.  He thought about going to cooking school, however, he didn't get a chance to.  After high school, Jim became involved in landscaping.  He loved working outdoors.  By the end of the summer, he had a heck of a tan.  In 1999, Jim got his own apartment in the York area.  He was so proud of his apartment.  He kept it neat and clean, something his bedroom at home never was!  He wanted a companion so he went to a few shelters and adopted a little multi-color cat that he named "Wednesday."  Jim was working two jobs at the time he passed away  He laid down to take a nap before work.  When his friend went to wake him up, he couldn't.  An autopsy showed that Jim had died of cardiac arrest.  Jim's MomMom and PopPop adopted Wednesday after Jim passed away.  They call her Pear because she has gotten so big.


Jim's cat Wednesday.  Jim wanted a companion for his apartment, so he went to an animal shelter and picked out his little cat.  It was on Wednesday, so hence the cat's name is Wednesday.

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Baby Jim with PopPop

Baby Jim with dog Snooper at the Poconos.

Baby Jim with PopPop & MomMom at the park.



Jim with Sister Dawn relaxing on the fireplace. Pocono's  Getting a goodnight's sleep for the weeks vacation.


Jim and PopPop on Xmas.  Jim and PopPop were very close.  He was Jim's best buddy.  PopPop still visits Jim every day at the cemetery since he left us.


Jim Graduation

Jim's last Christmas with us. (December 1999) Jim loved to cook and to eat.  He was showing us how to crack hard boiled eggs without them breaking up.  He was with Great Grandmom, Dad and Mom

 with Pop Pop  He also made us cocoanut shrimp as an appetizer.  Boy if I could have that day back again.

Jim Prom

Christmas Dinner

Jim, PopPop, MomMom, Uncle Eddie, and Great Grandmom Dwyer sharing Xmas dinner. Jim would say he didn't like ham, yet his whole plate would be filled with ham.

Jim, his sister, Dawn and PopPop opening presents at our house. Jim loved Xmas. He loved being around family. Jim, his sister, Dawn and PopPop opening presents at our house. Jim loved Xmas. He loved being around family.
(he's so busy looking at her gifts he can't get to his.  "better not be better than mine"


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