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A Mother's Poem

by Mary Heuser


I can not feel

I can not flee

I can not laugh

I can not be me.


I feel so sad

I feel so mad

I feel so lonely

Since you were taken from me.


Since the day you left us

My heart has been broken

I don't know how to act or what to do

There were so many words that still remain unspoken


You were my only son

the eldest of two

Three of us still remain

And we are wondering what to do


I miss your laugh

I miss your smile

I miss your silly sense of humor

Please come and sit with me for a while


God gave us a gift for 22 years

Since he took you from us

All we can do is shed tears

We must remain strong and try to go on

But many days it's a struggle because the days seem so long


I hope you are happy

I hope you are free

I miss you so much

Please help me to be me.

Love, Mom     


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