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        Spirit Is Magical

        The Cheers were Written by
        Catspaws & ES CatsPurr

        Show The Spirit

        Show us your spirit
        Show us what you can do
        Make us laugh and smile
        It will make you feel good to

        The Spirits and Fairys
        The Cheerleaders & Wee Ones
        Become happy and tickled with joy
        Knowing your cheering is such fun


        Loving Cherubs

        The cherubs love to fight
        The cherubs love to shout
        The cherubs love their family
        That is why they shout it out


        Golden Voices

        The Cherubs voices are sweet
        Their shouts are made of gold
        You can hear them loud and clear
        The sound goes everywhere I'm told

        Listen to their lovely tingle
        As it runs thru the air
        Sprinking spirit dust as they go
        Flying here there and everywhere


        Cherub Troops

        Calling all Cherubs
        Come right on out
        Come out and fight
        Come out and shout

        Shine up that trumpet
        Dust of those wings
        Clear your lungs then
        Come out and sing

        Sing, sing out loud
        sing out strong
        You can never
        Ever go wrong

        Bring us all home
        Right to the top
        Show us that
        You can never stop



        Sunshine or Darkness

        It does not matter if
        The sun is shiny & bright
        Nor if the moon & stars
        Are not visible at night

        For in our hearts they are
        Our spirit shows the glow
        Of the moon, stars and sun
        By all that we do and go

        Even on a cloudy day
        Your spirit shines so bright
        Like a colorful rainbow
        It brightens everyday and night

        When it is a rainy day
        You do not let that get you down
        Raindrops turn into magic dust
        That you sprinkle all over town

        You let the winds carry your song
        As it floats thru everywhere
        The birds pick it up and sing
        As they fly thru the air

        So you see, everyone hears
        The spirit of your song
        No matter wether sunny or dark
        That is what keeps you strong

        Angels In Heaven

        Do you see them
        Flying high in the skies
        The Angels in Heaven
        Cheering away for you & I

        Their wings spread wide
        Their voices sweet & strong
        So come on all Cherubs
        Join in the heavenly song


        Look at all the colors
        Of the Cherubs Spirit
        Shinning like a diamond
        Come along and share it

        Come and see the glow as
        It sparkles like morning dew
        On the petals of flowers
        Glistening brightly for you

        Cherub Power

        Can you see and feel it
        Wonderful Cherub Power
        Power of Cherub Spirit
        That glows hour after hour

        We do not care day or night
        The power glows for all to see
        We rock, sing, dance and cheer
        For the love of our Cherub Family

        Angels Glow

        Our Donna is flying high
        With Angels By My Side
        She is in the WarZone
        Glowing with Cherub Pride

        Her spirit shines with a glow
        That is a wonder to see
        As we stand by her side
        And cheer her on to victory

        Her spirit song is so sweet
        The birds stop to listen & sing along
        Animals come out of their homes
        To hear the joy & love in her song

        Now come along all you Cherubs
        Join in and show we are number one
        How we cheer our family on
        To the bring it all right on home

        Cherub Spirits

        Spreading their wings wide
        The spirits are here
        To fly high above the clouds
        Hearing the Cherubs cheers

        Oh what wonders their ears do hear
        Their trumpets and harps going strong
        That glorious sound from the Cherubs
        AS they cheer throught the day & night

        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr

        A Lost Cherub

        I see a lost Cherub
        Not knowing what to do
        Take my wing little one
        And let me lead you

        Why up high to the skies
        Now do not worry you won't fall
        For the Cherub Family is here
        For one and for all

        We all band together
        Every step of the way
        To help one another
        So they don't go astray

        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr


        T=True to your Supporters & Team
        S=Spirit which you spread all around
        F=Friendships which you enjoy
        TSF=Family,Friends,Fun, Spirit Abounds

        What is TSF
        What does it all mean
        Come and let me tell you
        Just join a team and see

        You will see the Love Of your Team
        The love of the Team Family
        Helping the other however they can
        Cheering and urging each to victory

        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr

        Spirit Is Found

        Spirit is found everywhere
        In a twinkle of your eye
        In a laugh or a smile
        You will find it all over TSF

        There is always a place to go
        When you are down or blue
        So pick your chin up off the floor
        And let your spirit guide you

        To shout for your Team
        To show you have spirit
        To show you are happy
        To be a part of it

        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr


        Cherubs are angels you see
        Coming from the heavens above
        To shower you with spirit
        The spirit of friendship & love

        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr

        Come & Cheer

        Come along and join me
        Let your voice be strong
        For all to hear the shouts
        Of The Cherub Family song

        Our Spirit is the best
        You cannot get us down
        We spread it everywhere
        As we spread our spirit around


        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr

        To My Supporters

        That is what I love
        About all of you,
        You care about your friends
        You are loyal and true

        You have shown true spirit
        We may be on the same team
        Or in the same level
        That is what loyalty means

        We all want to move up
        And eventually we do
        Even if we have to restart
        That brings more friends to you

        The excitment of the Fights
        Is not just the competiting everyday
        It is the spirit within you & me
        And meeting others along the way

        Don't be discouraged
        Be happy,Don't be blue
        Keep fighting and having fun
        There is so much we all can do

        Get involved in other ways
        As a Quill, Spirit, Fairy, or Deputy
        To quote the Army
        "Be all that you can be"

        Always know I Love you all
        For every little thing you do
        For being there for me & others
        That shows me you are all true



        Everytime you go to shout
        You wonder what to say
        To show your Team Spirit
        The Love of your team Family

        Your day may have been bad one
        But you come to shout it out
        You start cheering and having fun
        Now that is what it is all about

        It brings up your spirits
        It helps the others as too
        Then Spirits & Fairies smile
        Then the world smiles with you

        Enchanted Spirit CatsPurr

        Cherub Team

        We are The Chamions
        That you can see
        We are the Chamions
        With that you must agree

        You can always count on a Cherub
        No matter what it may be
        They are always willing to help
        Just like a Team Family should be

        They take you by the hand
        And lead you through the ropes
        They cheer right along with you
        And don't let you give up hope



        Cherubs Are Champions Always
        No matter where we are or do
        Our Cherub Hearts Are Just So Proud
        Cheering & spirited the whole day thru

        Nothing can keep us down
        Helping each other along
        The Cherubs stay together
        That is what keeps us strong

        Playing games together
        With a *Wink* and a *Smile*
        Cherubs will always go with you
        To take that extra mile

        So come along Cherubs
        Lets show the world
        Our bright sunny smile
        And give the shouts a whirl


        Friends Are Like Flowers

        Friends and flowers are alike
        You tend to each one with loving care
        Showing how each one is special
        Giving of yourself what you can share

        Letting their true beauty glow
        Pulling out the troubled weeds
        As we listen and help the other
        As we give the nuturing they need

        It only takes a second or two
        To keep them forever glowing
        A sprinkle of love & support
        And their Spirit will be showing

        Give each one a helping hand
        An encouraging word or two
        Let each one know you are there
        Thats all you really need to do

        See how the petals shine
        As they dance in the days breeze
        Because they have the love & care
        From you and I that they need

        If you see one starting to droop
        Take it tenderly in your hands
        Flood it with cards, flowers,fun
        With everything that you can

        No matter where you are from
        The States or in another country
        Lets see that Garden of Friends
        Glow with the love of TSF Family



        Okay Cherubs Let us Rock
        Rock the Warzone & Dome
        With our Wonderful Family
        We can help bring them Home

        Lets Jump right in there
        With a Wink and a smile
        With that Cherub Spirit
        That shines from every mile

        Look up into the skies
        I can see it shine so bright
        Your spirit is the stars that glow
        It lights up the skies at night

        Gloomy days turn sunny and bright
        Look at the glowing skies above
        It is cheering along with us
        From the Cherubs Family Love


        Chain Of Cherubs

        There is a chain of Cherubs
        That always link together you see
        The never ending chain of love
        That helps each other to Victory

        Their connection is the best
        It can never be broken
        Wherever you see a Cherub
        You see them leave a token


        Cherubs On The Horizon

        I see the Horizons full of Cherubs
        They are Rallying around their Family
        Helping them to bring it all home
        The Cherubs really know how to Party

        See the colorful ballons
        All the confetti in the air
        The sprinkles of spirited dust
        Join us, get out of that chair

        The party is in full swing
        Cherub Trumpets blowing clear
        Cherubs playing their harps
        You hear their joyous tune everywhere
        CatspawsCherubs On The Horizon

        I see the Horizons full of Cherubs
        They are Rallying around their Family
        Helping them to bring it all home
        The Cherubs really know how to Party

        See the colorful ballons
        All the confetti in the air
        The sprinkles of spirited dust
        Join us, get out of that chair

        The party is in full swing
        Cherub Trumpets blowing clear
        Cherubs playing their harps
        You hear their joyous tune everywhere


        The Cherubs Flew

        To the Haven of serentiy
        They flew to the Warzone
        Then off to Crystal Land
        Where love brings it all home

        Then off they fly to the Circle
        To the Wings is the next spot
        Off to the Heavenly Gates
        Then the Clouds the next stop

        Now I see them flying
        On over to shout it out
        Where their wings flutter gaily
        As they shout shout shout


        Cherubs Love SPirit

        Cherubs love to see
        That spirit that is in you
        Come and share it with us
        It is a wonderful thing to do

        It makes you feel happy
        It makes you feel enegetic
        Spirit is everywhere in the air
        Catch some of it and spread it


        Cherubs Love Fun

        Cherubs Love to have fun
        Sprinkling dust all around
        Playing the harp & trumpet
        Making a joyouos loud sound

        They flit and flitter eveywhere
        Angels of Spirit is what they are
        They are number one
        The most spirited by far

        They will take you on a trip
        To the lovely colors room
        Smack you with a snowball
        Or douse you with a water balloon

        Have you Assimilated even
        Turn you into a twisty puzzle
        Maybe even to the Dog Pound
        Where you have to wear a muzzle

        So come on Cherubs
        Lets show everyone
        How much spirit we have
        Come and join the fun


        HI Cherubs

        Hi There Lisa Angel
        Hi to All The Cherub Family
        We are gonna cheer our hearts out
        So come along and join me

        To see the *Smiles* on your face
        To feel the *Love* of family in your heart
        To See the *Twinkle* in your eyes
        To know you are here to spread the spirit