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A Little Bird Name Tweety
Quickly Became The World's Yellow Sweetie
Spreading Charm, Happiness and Joy
Some Believe Tweety Is A Boy
Others Think Tweety To Be A Female
I Personally Think It's Hard To Tell
The First Day I Saw Tweety In A Cage
I Knew That Bird Would Be The Lastest Rage
A Song From Tweety's Beak
Made Saturday Morning Complete
It's Been Many Years
Since Tweety First Appeard
And Right From The Start
Tweety Had A Place In Our Heart
In Love We Were Then And Today Still
When Sylvester Seeks Out Tweety For A Thrill
Our Hearts Flip and Flop
Wishing For Sylvester To Stop
Waking Up Early Just To See
Tweety And Friends Filling The Day With Glee
There was Daffy, Taz, Bugs, Road Runner & Wiley Too
And That's Only Naming A Few
Throughout All The Years
Everyone Still Holds Tweety Dear
Just As We Did
When We Were Just Kids
Today My Children Think Tweety Is Cool
As They Wear Tweety's T-Shirts Off To School
For The Generations Past
Tweety Was A Blast
For The Generations Today
Tweety Is Here To Stay
For The Generations Yet To Be
They Too Will Fall Inlove With Tweety
So Here's One Poem From A Fan
To Pay Tribute As Well As I Can
From Me One Thing To Be Heard
I Will Always Love Tweety Bird
By Donna, July 2000

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